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A donation to Aalto University supports work for a stronger Finland

Finland needs new ideas, solutions, entrepreneurship, work and new kinds of leadership. We need the courage to leap into the unknown, to study, learn and try.

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Why Aalto?

Creating competitiveness: we educate Finland’s future experts
Creating change: we believe in creative interdisciplinary collaboration
Creating practicality: we work together with the business community

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The future is made today.

Innovations. New enterprises. Jobs. Economic growth.
Well-being for us all.

Join us – tomorrow thanks you.

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Contact information for the fundraising team:

Hannu Seristö

Vice President

+358 50 383 2478

Teppo Heiskanen

Director of Fundraising

+358 50 363 3223

Anne Hirvonen

Fundraising Coordinator

+358 50 361 4663

Sinikka Heikkala

Senior Fundraising Manager

+358 40 090 8899

Nora Rahnasto

Senior Fundraising Manager, Donor Relations

+358 50 362 2243

Sakari Luukkainen

Senior Fundraising Manager

+358 50 327 6334