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The future is made today fundraising campaign exceeded all expectations

The aim of the government-supported campaign that launched in 2015 was to raise 20 million euros as monetary donations and further increase the number of Aalto University supporters. The Finnish government will match the donations by an estimated factor of 1 to 1.5. The government’s supplementary funding and exact matching factor will be announced at a later date. 

The Heart Campus campaign, which was part of the The Future is Made Today campaign, was aimed at the students and staff of Aalto University. More than 100 people participated by sharing their own stories or photos and by donating 34,057.00 euros in total.

Learn more about our new giving opportunities here. You can also contact our fundraising team:

Further information

Teppo Heiskanen
Director, Advancement and corporate engagement
Mob. +358 50 363 3223

Sinikka Heikkala
Head of Donor Engagement
Mob. +358 400 908 899

Anne Hirvonen
Mob. +358 50 361 4663

Maria Böling
Marketing specialist
Mob. +358 50 320 6663

Contact information for the donor engagement team:

Hannu Seristö

Vice President

+358 50 383 2478

Teppo Heiskanen

Director of Advancement and Corporate Engagement

+358 50 363 3223

Sinikka Heikkala

Head of Donor Engagement

+358 400 908 899

Elina Karvonen

Adviser, Donor Engagement

+358 50 364 1446

Maria Böling

Marketing Specialist

+358 50 320 6663

Marita Halme

Coordinator of Advancement and Corporate Engagement

+358 40 576 1349